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Provide IPTV - Interview with Matthew Edwards of Evolved Networks

Watch Edwards explain his company's solution to inefficiency in providing IPTV through reliable access networks:

Here is IPTV Sports' summary of the above interview with Matthew Edwards from Evolved Networks:

When asked if IPTV is a bunch of hype, Matthew Edwards, the CMO of Evolved Networks, quickly responds that IPTV is "already here." No, it's not hype, but it does need work, he goes on. It's about how to care for, and deliver IPTV in order to meet customer expectations.

Is there enough bandwidth? This totally depends on the access network, in other words, the lines that bring the data into the home. The access network is the greatest asset of the telecom, because with the access network, the telecom "owns" the customer. Once they've secured ownership of the customer, then they can negotiate with the content providers.

Unfortunately, Edwards explains, telecommunications companies are neglecting their access networks. When asked about the importance of data quality, Edwards says that "yes," it is definitely one of the most important requirements of IPTV. (After all, who would say that flickering, freezing sports coverage is acceptable?). Telcos, therefore, need to focus on improving the quality of their access networks.

Well, one of the telecoms' hidden and dangerous flaws is the poor accuracy of their access networks. For example, Evolved Networks estimates that the accuracy of access networks is 50% to 70%, pitiably low. While each engineer site visit is extremely costly (roughly USD $200), there is still a 20% rate of failure. Sometimes an engineer will repair a current client's line at the cost of disconnecting another client down the street! With a 20% failure rate, and an extremely high cost of site visits, this is a cost that telcos can definitely afford to reduce.

The solution? Improve the accuracy of the data. This is especially important with IPTV, because customers simply won't buy the broadband Internet television solution if it flickers and freezes, or if it can't connect in the first place. Customers will stick with antiquated satellite, cable or analogue air TV signals.

What does Evolved Networks bring to the table? Edwards tells us that his company reduces access network inefficiencies by providing a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that vectorizes telcos' outdated access network floor plans, and integrates it with highly categorizable, logical information such as billing, so that the inaccuracies and inefficiencies of costly site visits can be reduced, and so that IPTV can really be a reality for the customers of Evolved Networks' telco clients.

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